Save My Screen Bundle B

Regular Sessions

Demo: Handstripping 101

Demo: Learn the Best Kept Salon Secrets and How to Make the Most of Your Day

Demo: Front Cover Heads to Wow Your Clients

Demo: Drop Coat Basics

Demo: The Art of Sculpting Dog Hair 

The Anatomy of the Canine Coat for Grooming


Special Session

Get Creative with Model Dog Heads Workshop


Bonus Sessions

Check Them Out Before You Check Them In
Dr. Cliff Faver

Every pet that comes into your salon should have a condition check (by the groomer) PRIOR to checking it in and the owner leaving. Learn critical signs or observations to look for, what you can say, and reasons why you may want to refuse the groom for that day.  If something goes wrong during the groom it could cost you by far more than what you might make from the groom so learn what risk management is, and how it applies in this situation.


Handling Bad Reviews: With a Winning Attitude
Khris Berry

Every business eventually faces the dreaded bad review. Handling bad reviews with class and style is an art- and this class will teach you how to navigate the treacherous waters of Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews. You will learn how to craft appropriate responses- emotional, non-emotional, factual, humorous, and many more. Your public response (or lack thereof) to your reviews can be a powerful tool in traversing social media and maintaining your reputation. Learn to respond with passion and confidence and represent your business in a professional manner.

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