Save My Screen Bundle A

Regular Sessions

The Canine Grooming Blueprint

Demo: Learn All You Need to Know to Create the Perfect Baby Doll Head

Say This/Not That: Communicating with Your Clients Remixed

Demo: Accessorize This – Learn How to Use Accessories to Build Your Business

Test Drive Products

Demo: Why Won’t This Dog Cooperate?


Special Session

Westie Model Dog Workshop


Bonus Sessions

Name That Spot: Knowing Your Anatomy
Dr. Cliff Faver

Anatomy class is not just for veterinarians and biologists. It is the way we as pet professionals can communicate so we understand better when we see problems or to explain points of reference for a groom. Come learn from a veterinarian (made simple) how to use the anatomical terminology effectively to communicate.


Pricing Simplified: Learn to Earn Your Worth
Khris Berry

Learn to implement pricing strategies for your Pet Services which stand the test of time and economic pressure. Price increases? No problem. Are customers driving your pricing structure? A thing of the past. Learn strategies that unlock the mysteries of pricing, allow you to set prices that make your business profitable, and control your destiny with proper pricing.


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