Chris Anthony

Have Shears Will Travel, Owner


Chris Anthony has devoted almost twenty years to her career as a professional pet stylist and is still going. Whether as groomer or groomer-manager, her experience in salons (both small business and corporate) helped her to realize that there are many facets to the pet industry that need to be explored.  She constantly educates herself on not only tested traditional methods but also innovations in pet care, grooming techniques, tools, and products. With the intent of improving her own health and longevity in the grooming industry (and to help fellow stylists do the same) she continues to gather in depth knowledge regarding scissors, scissoring techniques, ergonomics and self-care. She is the proud owner of Have Shears Will Travel, a house call grooming business in New Jersey. She is also the Director of Customer Service and Sales for Evolution Shears and one half of the Traveling Groomers Podcast.


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