Brett Wilson

Smoochie Pooch

Brett is the owner/operator of Smoochie Pooch in Northwest Indiana. Operating 3 mobile vans, as well as 3 fully staffed salons with a vast array of retail products, Smoochie Pooch is the largest grooming operation in the area. With 10 full time groomers and several part time staff they manage to groom a record number of pets each month. With a degree in Accounting and emphasis on Cost Analysis, Brett joins us to share his management experience and what it takes to grow your business and make money. Not a groomer himself, he married Kim who would eventually become a groomer and they quickly learned that being in the pet grooming industry was the place to be and now imparts his knowledge on groomers from around the country.


Harnessing Your Profit: Budgets, Costs, Salon Efficiency & More