Groomer’s Corner 3: What’s it Like to Have a Career in Pet Grooming?

What’s It Like to Have a Career in Pet Grooming?

Judy Breton, Director of Grooming and Special Services at World Pet Association, shares her story from an apprentice to her current position as a Master Groomer.


It’s a job, but it’s also a passion. Judy Breton knows better than anyone that the work of a groomer is tough yet rewarding. Daily tasks constantly challenge both your creativity and your patience. And most of all, it’s a career filled with ongoing learning and collaboration with those who go through the same emotions as you.

Join Judy and other renowned groomers (like Melissa Verplank, Dawn Omboy, Jay Scruggs and more) at Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference 2019 where you can embark on or continue your journey as a pet stylist. This is where you’ll find your peers, your inspiration, your community. Go where the pros go, March 7-10 at the Georgia International Convention Center.

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