Full Access Save My Screen Bundle

The Canine Grooming Blueprint

Demo: Learn All You Need to Know to Create the Perfect Baby Doll Head

Say This/Not That: Communicating with Your Clients Remixed

Demo: Accessorize This – Learn How to Use Accessories to Build Your Business

Test Drive Products

Demo: Why Won’t This Dog Cooperate?

Demo: Handstripping 101

Demo: Learn the Best Kept Salon Secrets and How to Make the Most of Your Day

Demo: Front Cover Heads to Wow Your Clients

Demo: Drop Coat Basics

Demo: The Art of Sculpting Dog Hair

The Anatomy of the Canine Coat for Grooming

Westie Model Dog Workshop

Get Creative with Model Dog Heads Workshop

Recordkeeping: It Doesn’t Have to Be a Dirty Word! 

Bonus Sessions

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