The Drying Room

Saturday, June 26, 2021 3:30 pm–5:00 pm Italian Suite

The process of drying a dog after its bath is often the most stressful part of the groom for the dog, but also truly critical to the quality of their final groomed appearance. Groomer safety when using such powerful equipment is very important as well. There is much to navigate in this process. First, there are 15 different coat types on dogs and fundamental distinctions between dogs with “Fur” type coats versus “Hair” type coats, all differing in how they should be dried. Second, there are also many ways to dry a dog and many different types of dryers that a groomer can employ. Finally, the behavioral and physical condition of the dog can influence the choices we make when selecting the right type of dryer for that dog’s coat type and desired grooming outcome.

This course will help each groomer make the right choices regarding each of these factors, but will also be combined with learning the tricks of the trade about how to use the drying process to move the groom forward with maximum safety, efficiency, and effectiveness towards its desired goal. This course will clarify these differing coat factors, choices of dryer types, and techniques in using various types of dryers and tools to create the desired grooming effects; all while managing the living pet’s experience being dried for the safest outcome and best possible finish to the groom.


Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, MS, ICMG

Love Fur Dogs, Owner