The 15 Dog Coat Types and How To Care For Them

Saturday, March 14, 2020 8:00 am–11:00 am Australian Suite

All dog breeds are “grouped” not only into certain common functions and abilities, but even coat types. How does the origin of the 7 Groups help us better understand their unique characteristics and grooming needs? There is no official “list” of canine coat types, but maybe there should be! What are the major dog coat types and how should each be cared for correctly? Why was each coat type created? We will cover basic information on hundreds of breeds, categorizing their Hair versus Fur types for easy organization into grooming approaches. What tools, equipment, and grooming procedures are right and wrong for each type of coat? What grooming choices help to model the dog’s ideal Breed Standard? How should a dog’s anatomy provide the key to its best grooming? We will systematically lay out correct grooming procedures based on the science about each coat type and help you learn the difference between the Shedders and the Matters. And Pet Professionals will learn the proper care of the most common and natural dog coat of all – the Double Coat – courageously tackling what has been a controversy in our evolving profession.


Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, MS, ICMG

Love Fur Dogs, Owner