Teddy with Me Model Dog Workshop

Thursday, June 24, 2021 8:00 am–12:00 pm Italian Suite

*Workshop participants will need to brush-out their model dog pet coat prior to the class start time. Each participant will be required to bring the following tools:
– model dog with a wig
– cordless clippers with blades and snap-on attachments
– an assortment of shears and thinners
– a variety of brushes and combs
– grooming smock

While many clients will ask for a Teddy Bear Trim, as the groomer, the result is very much up to you. With your model dog, Blake will guide you through a no-frills, cookie-cutter clipped and scissored Teddy Bear Trim. But, in true Blake fashion, you will have the opportunity to carve in some retro patterns, to whatever your heart desires. Have fun, be creative and Retro Fusion Bears all around!

*Each participant will have the opportunity to have their model dog judged by Blake at the end of the Workshop. One winner will be chosen as “Best of the Class”.
*After completing your registration, refer to your email confirmation for a link to purchase discounted model dogs exclusively for Atlanta Pet Fair attendees.


Blake Hernandez