Groomers and Vets: Harnessing the Power for the Pet-4 Part Series

Thursday, June 24, 2021 8:30 am–4:00 pm Spanish Suite

Spend a day with veterinarian Dr. Micah Kohles. This series contains the following four parts:


Part 1: Nutrition for Groomers: It’s Not Rocket Science…..You Can and Should Be a Nutrition Expert!

Nutritional knowledge isn’t just for vets and pet stores anymore. Possessing a foundational knowledge of nutrition will make you a better groomer while helping you educate your clients. Join Dr. Micah Kohles (Oxbow Animal Health) as he covers the foundational aspects of nutrition and what they mean to you and your clients.


Part 2: Groomers and Veterinarians: How to Find the Love!

Groomers and veterinary professionals are both essential to providing the best care and ensuring the best quality of life for our furry friends. This being said communicating with veterinarians is not always the easiest and to be frank, they aren’t always the most receptive. During this session, we are going to talk through different ways to build this relationship and help to undercover all of the potential benefits!


Part 3: Managing Skin Issues from the Salon

The skin is the single biggest organ on all animals and often times the first location we can see disease. In this discussion, we will review the most common dog and cat diseases affecting the skin and give you the tools needed to recognize these diseases and educate pet parents.


Part 4: Vet and Groomer Panel

Many pet professionals have strong and varied opinions about the health and well-being of the pet in our care. Often, the divide between veterinarians and groomers seems to be the greatest among all pet care providers. This panel-style discussion will allow you the opportunity to observe and participate in common dialog scenarios between vets and groomers. Each side of the discussion will share their unique perspective promoting a new understanding of the challenges each face on a daily basis. Attendees will learn to bridge the communication gap and work together for the betterment of the pets in their care.
Panelists will include Dr. Micah Kohles, D. Dale Sanson, Corina Stammworthy and Chris Anthony


*each part will be approximately 1 hour long, with a 1 hour break between sessions.


Micah Kohles, DVM

Oxbow Animal Health, VP - Technical Services and Research