Model Dog Workshop – Legs 4 Ways

Saturday, June 26, 2021 8:00 am–12:00 pm Italian Suite

*Workshop participants will need to brush-out their model dog pet coat prior to the class start time. Each participant will be required to bring the following tools:
– model dog with a wig
– cordless clippers with blades and snap-on attachments
– an assortment of shears and thinners
– a variety of brushes and combs
– grooming smock

Learn while doing! This immersive setting allows participants to delve thoroughly into 4 different styles of legs while being mentored by industry great Sue Zecco. Sue will lead groomers through a hands-on session, coaching participants on a variety of finished leg styles. Whether you are trying to master a beveled leg, perfect a column, or add flair to your finished grooms, you will have the opportunity to execute every style. Participants will keep their finished model dogs to commemorate and showcase their experience.

*Each participant will have the opportunity to have their model dog judged by Sue at the end of the Workshop. One winner will be chosen as “Best of the Class”.
*After completing your registration, refer to your email confirmation for a link to purchase discounted model dogs exclusively for Atlanta Pet Fair attendees.


Sue Zecco, NCMG, IPGMG

The Pampered Pet Grooming Salon, Owner