Fact vs. Fiction: The Health Benefits of CBD

Friday, March 13, 2020 3:30 pm–5:00 pm German Suite

The pet CBD market is set to explode, and new products are brought to market daily in an effort to keep up with demand as customers become more aware of its health benefits. Unfortunately, not all CBD is created equal and pet parents need to better understand what is fact versus fiction to ensure they are buying the safest and most effective CBD products for their pets. In his presentation, Steve Smith, Co-Founder and President of Pet Releaf, will focus on the science behind CBD so that consumers know how to differentiate brands. He will help educate attendees on what to look for as they navigate a crowded landscape full of over-hyped buzz words by focusing on the five key questions every pet parent should ask:

1. Where is the hemp grown?
2. What certifications are available and how are they attained?
3. What extraction method is used?
4. Are they using CBD isolate?
5. How much CBD is in the products?


Steve Smith

Pet Releaf, President and Co-Founder