Creative Dog & Cat Styling

Sunday, March 15, 2020 1:00 pm–4:00 pm Hall A Grooming Stage

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  • This is a Pre-Groomed contest.
  • The Creative Contest is an exhibition of colorfully staged, uniquely presented and exquisitely groomed dogs and cats using props and music for the presentation.
  • Any purebred or mixed breed dog or cat can be used.
  • Electrical outlets will be limited to one per entry.
  • The spa will be available for grooming and color touch-ups at 11:00am, Sunday, March 15.
  • Competitors are permitted a designated 5’x5’ space for prop set up once ring is open and must be set up prior to judging time. Exhibits exceeding 5’x5’ will be disqualified.
  • All entries in this class must be completely groomed and finished before contest starts at 2:00 pm.
  • The contest stage will open at 1:00pm for prop set-up and finishing detail work.
  • All color applications and clipping must be completed prior to entering stage.
  • All grooming, color, applications and accessories must be completed by contest start at 2:30pm.
  • All products must be safe and non-toxic to the pet and stylist.
  • Glue must be water-soluble.
  • Placement of Large and/or heavy objects on the pet is prohibited.
  • Complete list of products used must be noted in the designated field when you register for the contest.
  • Competitors must title their designs.
  • If desired, music may be used during the presentation. Music used for presentation is the sole responsibility of the competitor.
  • DVD presentations are not permitted.
  • Maximum of 2 minutes is permitted for presentation

Winners will be determined by:

  • Originality and creativity of the design and theme
  • Quality of styling techniques
  • Sharpness and precision of clipper lines
  • Sharpness and/or blending of color
  • Quality of scissor finish
  • Quality and harmony of props and decorations in the final presentation


Entry Level: anyone that has not placed 1st or 2nd in a Creative Contest.

Open Division:  open to all competitors

Creative Styling Champion: Will be selected from the 1st Place winners from each division.


Creative Styling Prize Money

Championship:          Prize $1,000

Open:            1st Place – $500.00       2nd Place – $300.00      3rd Place – 200.00

Entry:            1st Place – $200.00       2nd Place – $150.00      3rd Place – $100.00


Cindy Oliver

Rollin' Doghouse Mobile Pet Grooming, Owner

Karla Addington-Smith, CMG

A Fortunate Dog Spa, Owner

Anne Francis, NCMG

Village Groomer, Groomer