Abstract Dog & Cat Design Challenge

Saturday, March 13, 2021 7:30 am–10:30 am Hall A Grooming Stage

The Abstract Design Challenge is intended to underscore the beauty of an “abstract design”, beautifully sculpted with minimal color (no more than 10% on dog/cat) accents and accessories. Judges are looking for stunning sculpting quality and artistry appropriate for a client’s pet. Design should be reproducible in one day in a salon setting. The pet’s coat is the blank canvas for the artistic design and should be groomed in advance with no trace of preset design or sculpted pattern.

  • Any purebred or mixed breed dog or cat with any coat type may be used.
  • Design must be entirely created during the time frame of the competition.
  • There should be no trace or a preset design or sculpted pattern in the coat prior to the contest start time.
  • Competitors will have 1:30 Hrs. to sculpt design into a pre-groomed/prepared coat.
  • Competitors should provide information to the MC, with biographical information and design explanation.
  • Competitors with cats may have one assistant to help hold the cat during design sculpting.
  • Entries are open to all levels of competitors.
  • The judging emphasis is design placement, execution, precision, artistry and overall balance and appeal.
  • If color is used on your entry, the color will not be considered in judging.


Prize Money

1st Place – $300.00           2nd Place – $200.00           3rd Place – $100.00