WPA365 Groom Virtual Grooming Contest


WPA365 is excited to bring this virtual experience to the grooming community. Visit our WPA365 Groom Facebook Group to browse photos, get inspiration, and jump in with your own submissions. Please enjoy the contest photos and visit the WPA365 Community coming in September for Groom365 galleries!

WPA365 Groom is a virtual grooming contest powered by the WPA365 Virtual Pet Community. Groomers may submit their best work to be showcased in a beautiful, gallery-style format on the WPA365 Virtual platform. Judges will examine your grooming via photo submissions. You may enter as either a Pro (Professional) or Am (Amateur) competitor, in 6 different classes, with hundreds of breeds eligible. Who will be crowned the WPA365 Groom Champion? Enter FREE and return to WPA365 to view the live awards show with prizes and guest commentary from industry legends and influencers.

Contest Open and Close Dates
The contest will open on Friday, July 31, 2020 at 8am EST
The contest will close on Sunday, September 6, 2020 at midnight EST

WPA365 Groom Contest Rules
Open to any entry from the United States
Contestants agree that all photos submitted will become the property of WPA and may be showcased on the WPA365 Virtual Platform in a Gallery Style format. Awards will be presented during a WPA365 Virtual Event.

Divisions/Eligibility Requirements
Contestants must select a division: Pro or Am

Open to any groomer living anywhere in the United States including retired groomers, judges, current or former GroomTeam members.

Am:  Open to any groomer living anywhere in the United States, who has:

  • Never been named to any country’s GroomTeam
  • Never judged a National or International GroomTeam contest
  • Never won a National or International Best in Show at a GroomTeam Sanctioned event
  • Never been awarded a National or International Best in Show at any dog show or any grooming competition – includes American Kennel Club (AKC), United Kennel Club (UKC) and Fédération Internationale Cynologique (F.C.I.) events
  • Never been awarded a Best in Show/Best All-Around at a live grooming contest or dog show
*See below for the eligible breed listings
1. Sporting Coats
2. Poodles
3. Scissoring
4. Handstripping
5. Mixed Salon/Freestyle
6. Abstract/Coat Sculpting


Contest Photos
You must submit all of your photos onto the WPA365 Groom Facebook Group. Your entry photos submitted must be of new a groom and not previously used in any other contest. Include with your entry post; dog’s breed, your class, division Pro or Am, your name, country USA, and if you are entering Am have ever competed in any live or virtual grooming contest before?

Submit 2 before photos: front & side profile
Submit 6 after photos: front, rear, right side, left side, top, & face/expression.

No collage photos, no watermarks, the groomer may be in the photo but make sure your clothing is NOT a similar color to the dog. The dog should be on a hard surface so feet can be easily seen.

Find a clean, plain, solid background color that your dog will stand out in. You want a contrasting background color free of junk or distracting objects. For black dogs, backdrops colors that are good are red, green, and yellow. That can help you get a better photo and make dark coats pop.

Avoid bright overhead lighting and avoid lighting from a window behind the dog. Controlled lighting from the front of the dog is best. If the inside is not an option for a photo, you may take it outside in the shade with a clean backdrop. Also, cloudy days can make for a great photo.

Individual Class Rules

Carding, Poodles, Scissoring and Handstripping

These rules apply to ALL classes. See each class below for individual class rules.

Your entry photos submitted must be of new a groom and not previously used in any other contest.

Your entry must have sufficient coat growth to make a distinctive transformation in the dog’s appearance.

All dogs must be groomed according to their breed standard as presented in the conformation show ring. The only exception is for Poodles and dogs entered in Mixed Salon/Freestyle as noted below in their individual class rules.

All dogs should have sanitary and pads shaved, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, prepped/clean, and dry before the before the photo is taken. Show topknots may be pre-­banded, including hair extensions in the before photos, but coat should be free of product.

For the finished groom, chalk products, hairspray, and finishing sprays are only permissible as presented in the conformation show ring.

Poodles can be styled as presented in the conformation show ring or pet trims, provided they respect the breed profile as set forth by the standard. Do not shave feet or face in the before photo. Both feet and face must be shaved in the after photo. Small mustache or goatee are permitted. Scissored face styles such as Bichon or scissored type faces are prohibited.


Poodles: acceptable breeds – all sizes, natural colors or purebred Poodles.

Scissoring Breeds Sporting Coats Hand Stripped Breeds
American Eskimo American Cocker Spaniel Affenpinscher
American Water Spaniel Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Airedale
Australian Shepherd Clumber Spaniel Australian Terrier
Barbet English Cocker Spaniel Border Terrier
Bedlington Terrier English Setter Brussels Griffon
Bernese Mountain Dog English Springer Spaniel Cairn Terrier
Bichon Frise English Toy Spaniel Dachshund Wire
Black Russian Terrier Field Spaniel Dandie Dinmont
Bouvier des Flanders Golden Retriever German Wirehaired Pointer
Chow Chow Gordon Setter Giant Schnauzer
Irish Water Spaniel Irish Red and White Irish Terrier
Keeshond Irish Setter Lakeland Terrier
Kerry Blue Terrier Sussex Spaniel Miniature Schnauzer
Lagatto Romagnolo Welsh Spring Spaniel Norfolk Terrier
Newfoundland Norwich Terrier
Old English Sheepdog Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen
Pomeranian Scottish Terrier
Portuguese Water Dog Sealyham Terrier
Rough Collie Spinone Italiano
Shetland Sheepdog Smooth Fox Terrier
Soft Coated Wheaten Standard Schnauzer
Spanish Water Dog Welsh Terrier
West Highland White Terrier
Wire Fox Terrier
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Wirehaired Vizsla

Mixed Salon/Freestyle

Acceptable Breeds/Styles:  Any dog of mixed parentage or any purebred dog distinctly NOT styled to breed profile. Examples of acceptable styles include, but are not limited to: trending styles such as Asian Fusion, the Poodlington, unique pet styles, and breed trims created on alternative mixed or purebred dogs. May use 2 bows for tie ups, small amounts of color (no more than 10% on dog) may be added with chalk, blow pens or markers. All color products must be safe for dogs.  For Poodle styles, feet may be shaved prior to competition start time, but face must be shaved during competition time frame. No extra time will be permitted if not completed prior to class start.  Show topknots may be pre-­banded, including hair extensions prior to the start of the class, however spray up products are prohibited prior to the start of the class.


Abstract/Coat Sculpting 

Acceptable Breeds: Any purebred or mixed breed dog with any coat type may be used.

Intended to underscore the beauty of an “abstract design”, beautifully sculpted with minimal color accents (no more than 10% on dog) and accessories. All color products must be safe for dogs. Judges are looking for stunning sculpting quality and artistry appropriate for a client’s pet. The judging emphasis is design placement, execution, precision, artistry and overall balance and appeal.

Final Judging for all Classes: Judge will evaluate the following: Balance, symmetry, uniformity and mastery of the trim. Contestants will be evaluated on the mastery of above criteria while showcasing each dog according to his/her body type, structure and coat. For scissored dogs, this evaluation includes creating a plush overall appearance without scissor marks, unevenness or unintended protruding coat, for handstripped and/or carded dogs, proper technique to achieve smooth and natural appearance, and all clipper work should be smooth and free of irritation. Difficulty will be evaluated with regard to the amount of coat removed, coat type, texture, quality and quantity, and the overall design or style chosen. If color is used on your Mixed Salon/Freestyle or Abstract /Coat Sculpting entries, color will not be considered in judging.

Prizes – We will have prizes for the top winner in each class and division
We are offering a “first-timer prize” to the top 6 Am winners in each class. To qualify as a first-timer you must not have ever competed in any live or virtual grooming contest before.


Sporting Coats – Victor Rosado
Poodles – Olga Zabelinskaya
Scissoring – Jay Scruggs and Sue Zecco
Handstripping – Barbara Prueckel
Mixed Salon/Freestyle – Jay Scruggs and Sue Zecco
Abstract/Coat Sculpting – Christine Speerin

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