2020 General Contest Info.

Tour of Champions

Rules and Regulations for Our 4 Legged Friends

While we are here to celebrate our 4-legged friends, please remember to respect our show, the Convention Center, and the people around us by keeping the following rules in mind:

  • Dogs should only be on convention center property if they are being used for competitions, in-booth demos, or by a speaker for demonstrations.
  • Providers of dogs for booth demos, lectures or competitions must be registered and wearing their badge for admittance on to Trade Show Floor.
  • Dogs may not be walked around the convention center for any purpose other than to be taken to the potty areas, back to the holding room, booth, to a contest, or demo.
  • We have two dog potty areas: One is located out the front entrance and to the left in the grassy area at the Convention Center; the second is located in the back of Hall A in the parking lot near the 24-Hour Holding Trailer. Please be sure to clean up after your dog!


Spa/Bathing Area:

  • You must stay within the dog bathing area! You will not be allowed to wander onto the show floor until the show is open.
  • Grooming tables, grooming arms, electrical, shampoo, conditioner, bathing tubs and dryers will be supplied. Tables are a sturdy folding type and each comes with a set of adjustable leg extensions.
  • Competitors must provide their own grooming loops and towels
  • Please bring only one dog at a time for bathing and drying
  • Personal tables or cages are not allowed in the bathing area; there simply is not enough space
  • Electrical problems can occur, but class start times will be as scheduled. Plan your prep time so that you have an alternate plan to bathe and dry your dogs should there be downtime in the prep facility.
  • Please be considerate of others who are waiting. Bathe your dog as quickly as possible, and then move to one of the prepping tables while waiting for conditioners, etc. to work.
  • Spa facility users must clean up after themselves! Vacuum or gather-up and dispose of all hair when finished and sanitize the tables with Clorox wipes that will be available in the Spa.


Day Use Holding Area:

  • Will be located on the show floor next to stage
  • One crate per dog and each crate must have a Crate Card filled out with your name and cell phone number
  • You are responsible for the care of your dogs
  • Dogs cannot be kept on show floor overnight in Day Use Holding Area

Day Use Holding Area hours and rules are subject to change.


24 Hour Dog Holding Unit

  • The Mobile Unit, located outside the back of the exhibit hall, will be the dog holding facility.
  • You will be responsible for the care of all dogs you bring; exercising, feeding, watering, and cleaning up after your dog. For each dog, you will need to provide a crate (no soft-sided or fabric crates allowed), dishes and food.
  • All dogs must be left in hard crates and you will be asked to sign a release when leaving your dogs.
  • This area will be manned 24 hours a day but you are responsible to exercise and care for your dogs.
  • To view, download and print all required forms, click HERE

You will need one set of forms per dog. Please fill out, print and bring your forms to the Holding Room when dropping off your dog(s).

Stay tuned for updated location and hours!


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