March 7-10, 2019
Georgia International Convention Center

Session Overviews

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Regular Session – $15 pre-show, $18 on-site

*Special Seminars  – $99 pre-show, $118 on-site


Thursday, March 8th, 2018

 11:30am – 3:30pm

*Skin Care and Common Diseases: The Health Care you Need for the Animals in Your Care Presented by Micah Kohles, DVM

We all have the chance to improve the lives of the animals in our care and a great way to do so is recognizing common skin issues and general diseases. Some diseases are more common than others and in many cases, groomers are the first line of defense in identifying disease in animals. Dr. Kohles will cover how to recognize common bacteria, fungus, viruses, creepy crawlers (ectoparasites) and how to best care for them without crossing the line into veterinarian territory. He will also review some of the more common diseases seen in our client’s pets and their impact on skin and coat health. This seminar will have pictures to help visualize these common issues and Dr. Kohles will discuss common treatments and therapies.


*Ready-Set-Go, Prep-Bathe-Dry! Presented by Teri DiMarino

The bathing room is the starting point for every successful pet stylist. With an emphasis on safety and efficiency, Teri guides this fun and informative 6-hour seminar through an average day in a busy salon. Learn how safe handling practices and time-saving tips will improve the finished work and save time. This session will include the efficient use of tools, safety restraints and tasks such as nail trimming, ear cleaning and brushing while focusing on the safety and comfort of the pet. Teri will discuss quick and efficient bathing and also take a “groomer’s-eye” look at the proper application of shampoos, conditioners, and sprays and why they work. Teri will discuss different drying techniques to help you get a better scissor finish. This seminar is a real eye-opener for the groomer technician as well as a lesson in efficiency for the seasoned salon owner.

*The Handstripping Clinic Presented by Pam Lauritzen


Part 1 of 2:
Pam will discuss Handstripping Basic, Advanced and Practical Techniques and Methods, with each part building upon the previous. Handstripping is not just for Terriers, but is an essential pet styling technique that can be used to remove clipper tracks, combat folliculitis, control matting and help to improve the lay, texture, luster and color of coats. Learn how to choose the right tools, how to remove excess undercoat as well as to sculpt and design.

Part 2 of 2:
Pam will demonstrate how to card, strip, pluck and razor a coat, plus learn how to “rotate” and “stage” a coat. Pam will focus upon helping participants develop the technical and artistic skills needed to learn and/or perfect their handstripping techniques and methods. As a bonus, She will discuss and demonstrate shed control tools and combination trims.


*CPR-PetTech First Aid and Care for Your Pets Presented by Mary Oquendo and Beth Cristiano

Pet First Aid is the immediate care given to a pet that is injured or ill. Knowing the skills and techniques of pet first aid can mean the difference between life and death. The topics covered are as follows: Bleeding, Shock, Restraining, Muzzling, Primary Pet Assessment, CPR, Rescue Breathing, Fractures, Limb Injuries, Insect Bites and Stings, Seizures, Heat and Cold Injuries, Pet Vitals, Poisoning, Choking Management, Snout to Tail Assessment and First Aid Kits. A mannequin will be provided for each enrollee for this hands-on 4.5 hour certificated course.

12:00pm – 5:00pm

*Semi-Permanent Color Certification Presented by Lori Craig and Angela Kumpe

This is a five-hour course where you will learn how to apply color to short and long coats as well as how to make designs, stencils and more. You will receive hands-on experience with semi-permanent color dye and receive a certificate of completion of the Semi-Permanent Color Course from the Creative Groomers Association. In this session, you will also learn how to properly look up products, important safety procedures, how to market your creative services and pricing. You will participate in a hands-on practical to ensure you feel secure to add these services to your business.

*AKC S.A.F.E Grooming Program: Safety in the Salon Presented by Susan Sholar

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes the importance of proper grooming for the health, well-being and overall comfort of pets. By educating on grooming safety, the AKC helps educate pet care professionals on the most up-to-date practices, so they can provide the best care possible for pets and their owners. Focusing on pet care, health, and safety, this course will cover accident avoidance, disease awareness and sanitation. All groomers who attend will be eligible, at no additional charge, to take the exam to become AKC Safety Certified Groomers and receive a frameable certificate.


Friday, March 9th, 2018

8:30am – 10:00am

Demo: Poodle Basics: Face, Feet and Tail Presented by Judy Hudson

Don’t miss this Poodle basics class from one of the “Grooming Professors”. Where do you start the line on the face? How far do you clip on the neck? How far do you clip up the tail? Judy will answer all these questions and you will learn shortcuts to clipping feet that will save you time in the salon. Judy’s class will improve your prep work that will make your final groom spectacular.


Demo: Grooming the Schnauzer Presented by Suesan Watson

Many groomers are apprehensive to groom this double-coated breed. Their wiry top coats and soft undercoats that tend to become matted, along with the many ways to trim their beards and eyebrows, can make grooming them intimidating. In this seminar, Suesan will show you tips, tricks and much more, so you can be confident the next time you groom a Schnauzer.

9:00am – 10:00am

Spa Services: How to Grow Your Business Presented by Olga Zabelinskaya

Learn from the best, Olga Zabelinskaya, owner of Olga’s Elite Pet Spa and Boutique, the 2010 Grooming Salon of the Year and featured in Elite Pet Magazine. In this session Olga will show how to use add-on spa services to grow your business. Learn how the bathing process can be a luxury procedure and not just a quick wash.

Essentials of Pet Grooming: Understanding Your Tools Presented by Jonathan David

A complete understanding of the variety of scissors and thinning shears. This session will cover the terminology, edges, assemblies and their manufacturing process. Jonathan will also review the variety of brushes and combs, stripping and carding tools and how they are all used.

Flea and Tick Control Products Presented by Dr. Dale Sanson

Although many pet owners rely upon topical treatments for flea and tick control supplied by their Veterinarians, there are also alternative grooming products commercially available for flea control. This training session will cover the differences in natural vs. synthetic controls, EPA registered treatments, Neem based shampoos/sprays, dishwashing detergents, and safeness for use on puppies. Also understanding the interaction of prescription flea treatments with traditional grooming products will be discussed.


*CPR-PetTech First Aid and Care for Your Pets Presented by Mary Oquendo and Beth Cristiano

Pet First Aid is the immediate care given to a pet that is injured or ill. Knowing the skills and techniques of pet first aid can mean the difference between life and death. The topics covered are as follows: Bleeding, Shock, Restraining, Muzzling, Primary Pet Assessment, CPR, Rescue Breathing, Fractures, Limb Injuries, Insect Bites and Stings, Seizures, Heat and Cold Injuries, Pet Vitals, Poisoning, Choking Management, Snout to Tail Assessment and First Aid Kits. A mannequin will be provided for each enrollee for this hands-on 4.5 hour certificated course.


How to Recapture Online Customers Presented by Lisa Villa and Donna Walker

What can you do to reduce your struggle and grow your business? Our love/hate relationship with the internet and online selling must be balanced properly to maximize business profits. E-commerce is growing and becoming easier and more convenient. What can we do to reclaim those online shoppers? Lisa and Donna will discuss how to utilize technology while instilling ideas of shopping local and how small business impacts society.

Alternative Drying Techniques Presented By Pam Lauritzen

The controversy surrounding cage drying raises serious questions about a dog’s safety. In this inventive and in-depth presentation, Pam will discuss time-saving alternative drying techniques and methods. She’ll also discuss how to safely use cage dryers. This seminar is a MUST for all salon owners, bathers, pet groomers and stylists.

Dog Daycare: Fights, Bites and Injuries Presented by Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs

How common are fights between dogs in an off-leash play setting? Is it a normal, everyday part of running a daycare or is it something that indicates negligence of your staff? In this session, you will learn how to tell the difference. Both daycare owners and their staff will benefit from this session to better understand how to minimize the risk of dog bites and fights in your off-leash playgroups, how to reduce your costs if veterinarian treatment is required, when to dismiss a dog from daycare (to avoid a fight or because of one), the tools to use to help break up a fight without injury, and the steps to take after a fight happens.


Poodle Demo: Conformation and Balance Presented by Christina Pawlosky

In this session you will learn how to achieve the desirable square body build in your Poodle groom.  Chris will demonstrate how to achieve the elegance of the poodle, one of the most popular breeds.


Demo: Abstract Creative Runway Presented by Kelly Knight

With her many wins and being the first abstract creative groomer to make the cover of Groomer to Groomer magazine, Kelly Knight has become the belle of creative runway competitions. In this class Kelly will demonstrate the entire process from concept to completion. She will explain how she finds design ideas and will demonstrate how she incorporates that into her design. She will also answer questions from how she finds her attire to questions about runway competitions and much more. For anyone wanting to add this unique niche to their salon offerings or who is thinking about competing in the abstract runway competition, this class is a must!


Social Media: 5 Ways to get your Customers to Share and Engage Via Social Media Presented by Lynn Switanowski

Contrary to conventional wisdom, consumers are often willing to part with personal information in exchange for a user experience that is more personal, meaningful and eventually productive. Attending this session will help you understand how your grooming business can ask for “useful information” via your social media posts that customers want to share in order to engage them and to make more meaningful connections. This will lead to sales and loyalty over the long term.

The Theory of Five Grooming Jobs Presented by Melissa Verplank

When you boil it down, there are basically only five different grooming jobs a pet professional performs daily. Within those five jobs are five areas, all groomers and stylists need to deal with: the head, the ears, the legs, the feet and the tail. The Theory of Five looks at ways to simply perform trim styles consistently every time, offering a high level of satisfaction to both the stylist and the pet owner.

Health Talk:  Ergonomics for The Groomer Presented by Jim Warner, DC

At the end of the day, if your shoulders, feet, and wrists hurt, then you should attend this session. Dr. Jim will talk about ergonomics that can help you every day at work:  how you stand, how you hold your clippers and brushes, and scissoring styles which are better for your wrists. He will also give some exercises and stretches to help keep your body happy and also tell you about a vitamin you can take that can help prevent Carpal Tunnel.


Quick and Trendy Pet Trims for the Yorkshire Terrier Presented by Shannon Moore

In this seminar, Shannon will discuss how to properly prepare the coat, give bathing and drying tips in order to achieve a gorgeous finish. She will demonstrate time-saving pet trims that can showcase your expertise that are easy for your customers to maintain.  These quick and trendy pet trims can be a great way to advertise your talent.

Techniques for Using Shears and Thinners Presented by Jonathan David

This session will be a demonstration of technical skills using shears. Jonathan will demonstrate his well- known thinning shear “Scissor Over Comb Technique”. He will also demonstrate straight and curved shears for scissoring curly coats and how to add contouring to your grooming for added style and flair.


*CPR-PetTech First Aid and Care for Your Pets Presented by Mary Oquendo and Beth Cristiano

Pet First Aid is the immediate care given to a pet that is injured or ill. Knowing the skills and techniques of pet first aid can mean the difference between life and death. The topics covered are as follows: Bleeding, Shock, Restraining, Muzzling, Primary Pet Assessment, CPR, Rescue Breathing, Fractures, Limb Injuries, Insect Bites and Stings, Seizures, Heat and Cold Injuries, Pet Vitals, Poisoning, Choking Management, Snout to Tail Assessment and First Aid Kits. A mannequin will be provided for each enrollee for this hands-on 4.5 hour certificated course.


The Art of Grooming the English Springer Spaniel Demo Presented By Christina Pawlosky

Learn the art of grooming the English Springer Spaniel for the show ring and the pet version your clients will appreciate. In this session you will learn the breed standard and the correct grooming techniques of the Springer Spaniel. Learn how to use the tips presented in this session when grooming the Springer Spaniel in your shop.

Transform a Breed with a New Design Presented by Deborah Walker

In this session, you will learn how to use breed profile style to transform your groom into a new different breed look.  If you have ever thought about competing in the Mixed Salon Styling class this session is for you.  Learn how to choose which breeds transform well like the Schnauzer into a Miniature Bouvier.  Learn quick tips and new techniques that will add character to any breed.

Grow your Grooming Business with Limited Marketing Dollars Presented by Lynn Switanowski

Many grooming businesses can’t afford to hire a marketing agency, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be marketing your business. Attendees of this session will learn 10 no or low-cost marketing ideas that create BIG results! Learn how to create marketing campaigns that are high impact and low on cost that will have dramatic sales results for your business while engaging your customers with fun and memorable activities and events! Don’t worry if you’re short on cash, attend this session and you’ll walk away long on ideas that will help your grooming business grow this year.

Trade Show Attendance Tips: How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck Presented by Cheryl A Purcell

Attend this session and learn how to maximize your time at a trade show. Attending a trade show allows you to meet the influential members of your industry and attend educational sessions in order to grow your business. Face to Face interactions will help you to build relationships with others in your industry. In this session, you will learn how a clear strategy will allow you to get the most from your trade show attendance. Learn the actions to take before, during and after your attendance to make your trip a success.

Determining Pricing, Percentages and Profit Margins for Your Salon Presented by Teri DiMarino

Teri will share her experience and expertise on running a profitable salon. In this session, she will answer these questions and more: -What do I consider before setting my prices?

  • What do I consider before seting my prices?
  • How do I set my prices?
  • What are my margins?
  • Am I making a profit?
  • How do I pay myself?
  • Are my employees making more money than me?

This session will help you build a successful, profitable grooming business.


Saturday, March 10th , 2018

8:30am – 10:00am

Demo: The Bichon Frise Presented by Christina Pawlosky

Chris will guide you through the breed standard while she demonstrates how to apply profile both with scissors and clippers. She will share techniques and detailed grooming information on the Bichon. Chris will demonstrate a modified show trim that is a shorter version of the correct profile. She will first use scissors, followed by clippers, blades and universal comb attachments to create a trim that will please both you and the client.

Pomeranian Spitz Demo: Traditional and Boo Cut Presented by Olga Zabelinskaya

Olga will demonstrate both the traditional Teddy Bear Trim and the Boo Cut for the Pomeranian. She will discuss coat structure, maintenance, tools and products for Pomeranian groom.

9:00am – 10:00am

What your Customers Say Matters Presented by Lynn Switanowski

Attend this session and learn why creating a testimonial machine will grow your grooming business. Online reviews are one of the most powerful marketing tools your grooming business can use this year. Your customers, whether it’s with your brand or not, are sharing their experiences and what they say has an impact.

According to Zendesk, 90% of participants claimed that positive online reviews influenced their buying decision, and 86% said their decision was influenced by negative reviews. Learn how to participate in the new era of brand marketing. Learn the top 6 ways to get your trusted customers to talk on your businesses’ behalf, how to get your customers to write reviews for your business that reach their friends and most importantly how and where to position those reviews so that potential customers for your grooming business can find them easily!

The Importance of Check-In Presented by Teri DiMarino

Have you ever begun working on a dog and found an issue that requires a phone call to the owner? Maybe the dog is badly matted, has fleas and ticks, or a problem that requires a veterinarian visit. These are all issues that should be observed upon check in. A proper check in procedure will make these uncomfortable situations less likely. Teri will walk through a thorough and efficient check in system that will help you avoid these problems in your salon.

Professional Grooming Products: Trends, Differences and Label Claims Presented by Dr. Dale Sanson

As a professional groomer, your clients look to you to be the expert in skin and coat care. A pet parent depends upon you to take home a friend of the family, fresh, tangle-free and smelling fresh. However, there are a number of products on the market to choose from for shampoos, conditioners, cologne sprays and detangling products. With all of these products to choose from, which one(s) are appropriate for your salon? Topics will include dilution rates, label claims, sulfate-free shampoos, imported grooming products, possible allergens, and plant/animal derived raw materials.

Dog Daycare: Setting up your Play Area Presented by Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs

As the dog daycare industry continues to grow, there are common safety precautions to consider when you set up your play space. This session will provide input on best practices on play equipment, minimum space requirements, staffing considerations, indoor flooring options, recommended toys and more.  The session will also touch on a new format for daycare that allows you to do more in a smaller space!

11:00am – 12:30pm

The Doodle Demo Presented by Jodi Murphy

Doodles are taking the world by storm! Some Doodles can be difficult to maintain due to the combination of two coat types they can also be fun since there are no rules. Jodi will demonstrate her favorite trim on a Doodle!

Air Brushing Demo Presented by Dawn Omboy

Learn how to do air brush designs with the Queen of Color! Dawn will show you different ways to apply color manually or by using a machine with a stencil and by free hand. She will also show you how to troubleshoot when your airbrush gun is not working properly. She’ll also give you information where you can purchase products to use so you can leave this class prepared to start into the world of color.

11:00am – 12:00pm

Create Posts that SELL in Less than 140 Characters Presented by Lynn Switanowski

Groomers certainly know how to be creative when it comes to grooming their customers, but does that same creativity apply when it comes to posts for your social media pages? Attend this session and learn the art of writing a great post that will help your grooming business connect with customers across all your social media channels. Attendees will learn how to create a post that is 40-80 characters (yes it can be done) using emojis, hashtags, location notifications and tagging that will get likes, shares and comments from your viewers! This session can help you understand the concept of “less is more” when it comes to social media content!

Live, Learn and Pass It On: Lessons from the Road Presented by Melissa Verplank

Join Melissa as she takes you on a journey to meet some of the most talented stylists in the business. This seminar is jam packed with tips and tricks from the masters of grooming. Melissa has been very busy for the past few years. She has been traveling around the world filming more than 300 training videos. Each time, Melissa learned something new and vital for groomers. She is going to share those ‘golden nuggets’ of grooming with you in this unique presentation. According to Melissa, “This old dog learned some new tricks and so can you!”

Mobile Grooming: The Good, Bad, & Ugly Presented by Brett Wilson

Mobile grooming has grown very popular, but mobile grooming can have its challenges and obstacles. Brett will discuss the pros and cons of mobile grooming and will discuss topics such as routing, maintenance, how much to charge, adding additional units, and rebooking. Whether you currently own a mobile or are looking to begin one, this class is for you. Learn some tricks and tips to more effectively operate your mobile business and enjoy the luxury of a mobile schedule.

Sanitizing Grooming Shops, Kennels and Equipment: The Difference Between Disinfecting, Cleaning and Sterilizing Presented by Chris Quinlan

The goal of this class is to share ideas with owners and managers on how to get the cleaning results they are looking for, as efficiently as possible. At the same time, how to create a healthy environment for their guests, while protecting their investment.  This class will cover all areas of facility maintenance for your grooming and retail business. Specific areas covered will be cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing and deodorizing of surfaces, kennels, floors and equipment. We will also cover: How to choose a product, how to get staff to properly use a product, and OSHA compliance.

1:30pm – 3:00pm

Round Face Grooming Demo Presented by Suesan Watson

Round faces seem to be all the rage right now, but they can be a challenge to achieve with so many different breeds, head shapes, snout lengths, and hair types. Suesan will demonstrate some easy changes to make so your groom will stand out which your clients will love.

American Cocker Spaniel Demo Presented by Irina Pinkusevich

2:00pm – 3:00pm

Irina will demonstrate useful tips on correctly styling pet dogs. She will walk you through caring and preparing the American Cocker Spaniel coat. She has competed at the world level competitions in Europe with GroomTeam and Won the $10,000 Jackpot at SuperZoo with this breed. She will share some of her award-winning techniques that you can use in the salon.

Employees: Engaged vs Motivated Presented by Brett Wilson

On the fence about hiring? Struggling to find great staff, or how to get more from your staff? Employees are the lifeblood of any industry and they are critical in getting the job done in our serviced based business. Whether you have 0 or 100 employees this class is for you. Learn about when to hire, when to fire, and benefits. This business management class is geared towards owners and will have plenty of time for specific employee related questions.

World of Skin and Hair Presented by Dr. Cliff Faver and Suzanne Marchetti

Learn the basic anatomy and function of the skin and hair, which is a critical foundation for all bathers and groomers. This session will explain the science of how nutrition, sebum and the basic anatomy work within the animal’s body so you can understand the “why” in what you do.

Groomer Safety Certification Presented by Linda Easton and Dr. Jim Warner

Let your customers know you are certified for health, safety and sanitation.  We will cover tips on safety and sanitation in this one-hour class.  All attendees will receive Continuing Education credit and a voucher.  This class will also help you decide if certification is for you. IPG Certified Professional Groomer is PPGSA approved. We will discuss the PPGSA* standards and help you meet them in your salon!  Join groomers in 23 countries who have this certification and have joined the elite group of certified groomers! *Professional Pet Groomers & Stylists Alliance, your advocate for better groomer legislation!

Dog Daycare: Minimum Daycare Standards Presented by Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs

Do you know the two key aspects of operating a safe dog daycare? During this seminar, Robin and Susan will share two best practices found in daycares with the best safety records. Plus, you’ll learn how to go beyond the basics and create an operation focused on excellence.

3:30pm – 4:30pm

LolliPup Doll Head Presention by Dawn Omboy

Enjoy watching Dawn show you how to create her LolliPups! She will explain how to create different head designs on her doggie dolls that you can later have fun practicing making at home. Enjoy the change of not having a wiggly dog on your table because these doll heads will stay put. Make these LolliPups for birthday or holiday gifts or display them at your salon to showcase your excellent scissoring work. This is a class you are sure to enjoy.

CBD Benefits and Uses in the Pet Industry Presented by Lisa Villa and Donna Walker

You have seen CBD products for animals explode in the marketplace this past year. CBD is one of the active beneficial supplements/ingredients in both marijuana and hemp. It helps to remedy and provide relief for many instances in the lives of dogs and cats. It is a great retail product and has excellent companion calming use. Most products for sale contain a proprietary blend of non-psychoactive cannabinoids derived from non-industrial hemp. The cannabinoids work together and have an entourage effect; there is great synergy between the cannabinoids. These products do NOT get your animal high. Plant phytocannabinoids like CBD are a healthy, nontoxic way to provide balance in the body of a human or animal. Come listen to Lisa and Donna explain legalities and how CBD actually works in the body to help a multitude of issues.

Not All Hair Is Created Equal Presented by Dr. Cliff Faver and Suzanne Marchetti

With so many breeds and their different coat types, it can seem overwhelming when choosing which products to use when bathing and grooming. Understanding those coat differences will make your job easier and more efficient in the salon when choosing products, so you can achieve maximum results.

How Structure and Anatomy Affect Your Grooming Presented by Jonathan David

Structure and anatomy affect the balance and proportion of all dogs. Groomers sometimes need to “camouflage groom” or hide faults in the coats. This session will cover common structural faults encountered every day and how to hide faults to bring out the best features for a beautiful finished groom.

Pet Services Business Model of the Future Presented by Susan Briggs

Does the existing industry pet care business model work for the future? In this seminar you’ll discover industry financial data, trends to watch, and learn how to get ahead of your competition by learning to provide your clients with what they really want from pet care centers.


Sunday, March 11th , 2018


Poodle Demo: Fault Correction Camouflage Presented by Sue Zecco

In this session Sue will demonstrate techniques, short cuts and time-saving tips to make your clients Poodle look like a champion.

Asian Styles Demo Presented by Olga Zabelinskaya

Asian Styles are revolutionary cuts from Japan, Korea and China. They have become more popular in the US grooming industry. Starting in Japan, Olga will explain proportions and demonstrate Asian Style grooming which provides the desirable Asian Style results.


Grooming the Geriatric Pet Presented by Teri DiMarino

As the owner and operator of a salon in South Florida, Teri specialized in the geriatric pet and their owners and became adept at handling situations unique to this type of client. She will examine grooming techniques to avoid the anxiety often associated with senior pets. She will explain how to recognize and handle health related problems of senior pets, and how to gently discuss the condition and age of the pet with their owner.

Skin Issues: When Things Go Wrong Presented by Dr. Cliff Faver and Suzanne Marchetti

Have you ever wondered why certain skin conditions occur or if technique plays a factor in causing that issue?  Have you ever had a client or veterinarian accuse you of causing a skin issue? Attend this session to understand what can cause skin issues to learn how you can prevent them.

Photography for Social Media Presented by Ren Netherland

Are you looking to post photos of your furry clients to your social media pages but aren’t sure where to start to get that perfect picture? While most photographers make it look easy, it takes practice and a few tricks to get the best picture of a pet. Come and learn some photography techniques from an industry professional. Ren will teach you different techniques for lighting, choosing a background, getting the pet’s attention and much more.

How to Enter the Dog Training Business Presented by Donna Gleason

If you are considering becoming a dog trainer don’t miss this session. You will learn:

  • The different ways to learn the basics of dog training
  • How to stay safe and become an expert in your field
  • Identify the different types of dog training careers
  • How to start applying your new knowledge in non-threatening environments.


Löwchen Trim Demo: Take that Lemon & Turn It Into Lemonade! Presented by Shannon Moore

Working with matted dogs can be stressful, not only for the dog, but also for you as the groomer.  Sending the dog home completely shaved down or unfinished isn’t the answer. Shannon will show you how to take that lemon and turn it into lemonade!  Shannon will teach you how to execute a Löwchen breed profile trim to bring a fresh new trim into your salon. Apply this trim as an option to any matted dog no matter what breed they are.  This is a class you don’t want to miss!

Demo: Relating Breed Standards To Pet Grooming Presented by Jonathan David

In this session Jonathan will discuss and demonstrate ways to bring elements of breed profile grooming into your pet grooming. Jonathan will make suggestions on how to make the hair manageable for the owner, yet remain true to the integrity of the breed standard. He will show how to apply elements of pure breed trims to mixed breeds to create unique looks that satisfy every customer.


Hiring and Keeping Good Employees Presented by Dr. Jim Warner & Linda Easton

Jim has been consulting with small businesses for over 30 years and Linda has owned 8 grooming salons over 44 years.  Hiring and keeping good employees is very important in every business. Jim and Linda will show you how to take the stress out of getting and keeping good employees. They will share tips on keeping the employees you love and letting go the ones you don’t. They will tell you where to look for employees and show you alternatives to hiring more groomers. This class is also great for employees who are frustrated in their jobs and Jim will show you “scripts” for working with your employer to keep you both happy or how to interview with a new salon for great working conditions.

Sick Skin and How To Treat It Presented by Dr. Cliff Faver and Suzanne Marchetti

If you have ever bathed or groomed a dog in your salon that has had a skin problem, this session will teach you methods, techniques, and types of products to use to treat skin issues. Learn principles that will lead to successful results, and learn how to grow hair back on shaved down dogs. Also learn why typical therapies such as steroids and antibiotics don’t always work.

Natural Joint and Muscle Support:  Building Muscles and Keeping the Joints Flexible Presented by Dr. Edmund Sulkowski

In this session, you will learn the importance of proteins, amino acids, fats, sugars, movement and their synergistic interaction resulting in muscle strength. Conditions of the joints will be reviewed and natural support solutions will be discussed. Joints, muscles and tendons work in concert and disease and injury are detrimental to their function. As Groomers, trainers and daycare providers you are in the position to observe these issues and can help educate your clients for the wellbeing of their animals.

Dog Daycare: Hiring and Training Your Staff Presented by Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs

How do you find the best employees? How do you train them? How do you keep them loyal to your business for long term retention? We’ll cover all this and more in this session geared specifically toward dog daycare staffing.


The Golden Retriever Demo Presented by Tammy Siert

Tammy will create the perfect Golden Retriever trim with the magic of clippers & thinning shears. Watch Tammy as she transforms this breed into a work of art.

The West Highland White Terrier Demo Presented by Jodi Murphy

In this demo you will learn the proper tools and techniques to bring a nice texture to your Westie pet trims. Learn how to capture the Westie’s adorable expression with thinning shears and how to keep your pet trims short but stylish


Best Time Saving Grooming Tips Presented by Melissa Verplank

In this session, Melissa focuses on the basic techniques that will make your grooming day fly by in the shortest amount of time. She walks you through the basic elements of efficient grooming including tools, products, organizational techniques and mind control.

Learning Geometrics in the Salon Presented by Deborah Walker

Imagine your shop in your mind.  What does that image look like?  If you want to grow your business and are struggling to understand why that’s not happening, this class is for you.  Grooming may be one of the issues, but what else is going on?  This is an active class with your participation.  For you to get the best benefit out of your business, it’s important to be proactive rather than reactive.  Bring your questions and comments to this class help your business growth.  Whether it’s grooming techniques or re-evaluating the operations of your business, be a part of your solution by joining in.

Bathing Systems 101: Understanding, Integrating and Mastering Shampoo Applicators Presented by Dave Campanella

Having trouble determining which shampoo bather system and methods will work best for you and your business?  Learn the science and workflow process behind each of today’s most popular systems.  Discover how to get the most from each system along with many proven tips that will save you time, money and aggravation.  This bathing systems seminar provides the most complete comparative evaluation and references.

Increase Your Communication and Teaching Skills Presented by Donna Gleason

When teaching a new skill or trying to convey a message, being able to appropriately communicate the information will assure that learning will occur and your message will be heard as intended. This seminar will cover the fundamentals of communication and how it works. Understanding the differences in how people learn or process information and how the Theory of Multiple Intelligences can help you get your message across. Enhance the art of effective communication by using verbal and nonverbal communication to your advantage. The topics that will be covered:

  • Fundamentals of Communication
  • How Communication works
  • Use of Multiple Intelligences
  • Using verbal and nonverbal communication to your advantage

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