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March 8-11, 2018
Georgia International Convention Center

WPA Good Works

WPA Good Works: How Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference Gives Back

Did you know? By participating in Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference, you’re securing your industry’s future. Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference is a non-profit event produced by the World Pet Association (WPA). WPA reinvests proceeds from the show right back into the pet industry through the WPA Good Works program. Proceeds support:

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Following the success of last year’s WPA Good Works social media contest, we’re delighted to be running the contest again for 2017. The winner, to be announced during SuperZoo 2017, will receive a prize of $1,000 donated to a charity of their choice. This year we will also be offering a second place prize of $500 and a third place prize of $250, again in the form of donations to the charities of the winners’ choice.

The theme for SuperZoo 2017 is ‘Better Together,’ and what better way to illustrate this than showcasing business owners in our industry going above and beyond by performing good works in their communities? 2016 saw over 75 entries, with many heartwarming stories that showcased the dedication and commitment of the pet industry community and demonstrated that we are truly ‘better together.’

Contest Rules:

  • Contest opens June 12, 2017
  • Contestants should post a photograph on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram of their pet business doing ‘Good Works’ for their community
  • Posts must tag SuperZoo and use the hashtag #WPAGoodWorks
  • All entries must be posted by Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 11:59pm PST
  • Entering companies must be businesses in the pet industry
  • Winner must be attending or exhibiting at SuperZoo to win
  • Winner will be notified via social media prior to SuperZoo to choose their charity

Winner will be notified via social media prior to SuperZoo to choose their charity and ensure they will attend the networking event.

Submit your #WPA Good Works today! 

Protect Pet Choice Alliance

The Protect Pet Choice Alliance is a group of pet industry organizations and companies, including WPA, whose mission is to promote and celebrate responsible pet ownership, protect the rights of pet owners, ensure a sustainable supply of pets, foster industry commitment to animal care and breeding standards, and support well founded and meaningful regulatory and legislative initiatives regarding household pets. To learn more, watch this video.

Purdue University Standards for Breeding Dog Welfare 

As part of its commitment to Good Works, WPA is a founding sponsor of the Purdue University Voluntary Standards for Breeding Dog Care and Welfare. Designed to promote and continuously improve canine well-being, this program develops and tests rigorous, science-based, voluntary standards for the care and welfare of breeding dogs and creates a third-party auditing and certification process for dog breeders.


WPA Supports responsible bird ownership and is a supporter of the Bird Enjoyment and Advantage Coalition (BEAK) and its new myBird campaign. This campaign aims to breathe new life into the exciting world of bird ownership by increasing awareness of the joys and benefits of having a feathered friend.

Check out some of WPA’s recent initiatives and activities:

WPA Advocacy on the Road with the WPA Road Crew

WPA’s Road Crew leads efforts to support the pet industry by traveling the nation to meet face-to-face with some of the organizations they serve and to promote the responsible growth, health and sustainability of the pet retail industry as a whole. You never know when they’ll stop in to your shop!

Road CrewRoad Crew

For more information about WPA and its efforts to advance the industry—or to learn how to become a member— visit www.worldpetassociation.org.