March 7-10, 2019
Georgia International Convention Center

Welcome to Groomer’s Corner by Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference

Staying up-to-date on all things grooming is a vital part of our industry, but can be time consuming and hard to accomplish on tight schedule. This is why Atlanta Pet Fair & Conference is bringing you all the need-to-know information to you in one convenient location. Dive in to quick tips from your favorite pet stylists and see the satisfaction from your customers as your skills continue to grow.

Groomer’s Corner Issue 1: Great Tips for Groomers
We asked grooming industry expert Melissa Verplank for her best tips on running a profitable business. Read more >>  

Groomer’s Corner Issue 2: 5 Tips to Prepare for a Trade Show
Judy Breton, Director of Grooming and Special Services at World Pet Association, has experienced the ins and outs of the pet industry from many perspectives. See what Judy says are the top 5 ways you can prepare you and your customers for an upcoming trade show.  Read more >>

Groomer’s Corner Issue 3: What’s It Like to Have a Career in Pet Grooming?
Watch how Judy Breton moved from an apprentice and salon manager to her current position as a Certified Master Groomer. Read more >>

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