Harnessing Your Profit: Budgets, Costs, Salon Efficiency & More

Saturday, March 09, 2019 8:00 am–12:00 pm Australian Suite

*Special Seminar – $99 Pre-Show; $120 On-Site

Are you tired of chasing your tail on a daily basis? Struggling to make ends meet is every Entrepreneur’s nightmare. “Owners shouldn’t make a profit.” We are told this every day. However, without profit we as owners cannot sustain business and create a thriving environment for our teams to work under. In this four-hour, information-packed seminar you will gain the knowledge to help you succeed as a profiting owner should. Learn tips, tricks, and gain the tools to properly get your team moving and your customers following your procedures while creating more room in your bottom line. Join Brett as he shares over 10 years of success stories operating a business with multiple locations and over 20 employees. This class will feature detailed handouts for even further success for at home review.

Part 1 & 2: Budgets
The integral part they play in your business. Understanding income and expenses can be more challenging than a quick number. Dive into how income and expenses work and take a step back to look at your business model. Are you making a profit? Do you know how much it costs you to groom each dog? Truly an eye-opening journey.

Part 3: Pricing
How does pricing play a role in your business? Did you create your pricing structure from your neighbor’s business? Everything stems from your price. Your price is your income, your expenses, your employees, everything bundled into one simple number. NOT!! Pricing is anything but simple. Price for success and learn how once you have your price, how to take care of your employees and the integral part they play.

Part 4: S.O.P.
Standard Operating Procedure. Are we a corporate store now? No, we are still a mom and pop business, but we still need rules and procedures. Customer retention to employees we discuss how to implement SOP’s into your business to make it run smoothly and keep everyone on the same page.


Brett Wilson

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