Flea and Tick Control: Which Grooming Products Provide the Best Control for My Clients and My Salon?

Sunday, March 10, 2019 9:30 am–10:30 am Australian Suite

How often has a pet parent brought in a family pet loaded with fleas and you are faced with how to control this issue in your salon? Many pet owners rely upon topical treatments for flea and tick control supplied by their Veterinarians, but if they have not kept up the treatments or if it happens to be a year of heavy infestation, you may be faced with using a flea and tick grooming product to assist your client.
Fleas and ticks are classified as pests of human concern and can impact both pet and human health. This training session will educate you on the differences in natural vs synthetic controls, EPA registered treatments, Neem based shampoos/sprays, dishwashing detergents, and safeness for use of these products on puppies and mature animals. Also understanding the interaction of prescription flea treatments with traditional grooming products will be discussed.


Dale Sanson, Ph.D., MBA

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