Deciphering Shampoo & Determining What You Need

Sunday, March 10, 2019 9:30 am–10:30 am Italian Suite

Do you know the difference between a moisturizing shampoo and a soothing one? Are you interested in providing shampoo therapy for your clients? Do you wonder which type of medicated or special shampoo is used for what type of skin or hair condition? Do you know what you are treating when a Client walks in with a bottle of shampoo that has a name that cannot be pronounced, and they cannot remember what the Vet said it was for? Learn how to identify by performance effects what type of shampoo to use in situations requiring other than normal skin and coat conditions. In this two-part series, Donna and Lisa, developers of the original “Pet Facial” will discuss and compare shampoo brand names, uses, and common skin conditions you see as a pet care professional. Let’s talk about how shampoo really works and why you should choose one over the other, or use combinations in a synergistic fashion.


Donna Walker

South Bark Dog Wash

Lisa Vella

South Bark Dog Wash