Culture and Team Building: Why It is Important and How It Can Make Your Life Easier!

Friday, March 08, 2019 4:00 pm–5:00 pm German Suite

In this session, Joe will speak about the ingredients necessary to build a solid team and the importance of your company’s culture as it relates to productivity, customer satisfaction, and overall operations and management benefits.

Have you ever felt like not going to work, either by calling in sick or playing hooky only to realize that you cannot do that because you’re the boss and you have to be there?
Do you feel every day is a battle when it comes to managing your employees and your business?
Are you exhausted or discouraged?

You’re not alone!  This session is designed with you in mind!  Believe it or not, you may be to blame for the feelings you are having.  But there’s good news ahead…there’s a better way and Joe will explore practical solutions for you to put in play immediately when you return to your business.  It’s ok, you’ll be a room filled with others who are struggling just like you are.  So come prepared to be honest with yourself, open to new ideas, and ready to leave the session with a new perspective!


Joe Zuccarello

Melissa Verplank Enterprises