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March 8-11, 2018
Georgia International Convention Center

World Pet Association

GroomTeam Sanctioned Contest Rules

For 2015-2016

World Pet Association produces two grooming shows – the Groomer SuperShow at SuperZoo, Las Vegas, NV
and at The Atlanta Pet Fair, Atlanta, GA. Contact: info@wpamail.org 135 West Lemon Ave., Monrovia, CA
91016, USA, (800) 999-7295 or (626) 447-2222.

Contest Entry will close 5:00PM PST, 2 weeks prior to contest start date for the Atlanta Pet Fair and will close
5:00PM PDT, 2 weeks prior to contest start date for the SuperZoo event. Only entries submitted online will be

WPA shows are GroomTeam sanctioned, Three Tiered, Multi-Division competitions. Open Division,
Intermediate Division and Entry Division compete simultaneously for the titles of first, second and third in
each division. Winners from each division then compete against each other for Group placements. Group
placements are calculated to determine the Best All Around Groomer. First place from every Group will then
compete for Best in Show. GroomTeam awards points to the Group placements, Best in Show and Best All
Around Groomer, are from the six regular classes.


Open: Open to all Competitors/Stylists/Professional groomers

Intermediate: Restricted to competitors who have not won:
• Two Best in Show or two Best All Around groomer titles from the intermediate division at any GroomTeam sanctioned show
• OR three first placements from the intermediate division at any GroomTeam sanctioned show.
• OR three Group placements from a GroomTeam sanctioned tiered show.

Entry: Restricted to competitors who have never competed, or who have not won:
• A Best in Show or Best All Around Groomer Title from any division at any GroomTeam sanctioned show
• Or three first placements from the Entry Division at any GroomTeam sanctioned show
• Or one Group placement from a GroomTeam sanctioned tiered show
• Owners, handlers, or breeders who have “finished a Champion”, instructors, pet styling contest judges,
and certifiers must compete in either the Intermediate or Open Division.

Immediately following class awards, first place winners from each division will be judged against each other
for the first place in Group. The second place contestant from the winning division will then compete against
the remaining first place division winners for second place in Group. The division winning Group second will
then compete for Group third place.

First place winners from the Groups should remain in the ring immediately following their class for evaluation
by the Best in Show judge. The contestant must return with their dog at the designated time and place in
order to be considered for Best in Show awards. Bathing and/or sprucing up of Group winning dogs are
permitted, however no other trimming, carding, stripping or styling of any kind is allowed at this time.

Best All Around Groomer (BAAG) is calculated from Group placements as follows: Group first = 3 points, Group
second = 2 points, Group third = 1 point. First tiebreaker is the highest number of placements. Second
tiebreaker is the highest number of entries defeated. If an exact tie still exists, the prize will be divided equally.
In order to be eligible for BAAG, the contestant must enter a minimum of three GroomTeam sanctioned
classes. Specialty classes such as Creative, Rescue and Jackpot do not count toward BAAG.

Provided sufficient eligible competitors are entered, 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements will be awarded. Awards will
not be withheld unless specific rule infractions, as determined by the show management, are severe enough
to warrant disqualification.

Classes: Poodles Small, Poodles Large, Terriers, Sporting, All Other Purebreds, Mixed Salon Styling

For all Classes: Ring opens at least 15 minutes prior to prejudge, contestants must be present for prejudging
or they will not be permitted to compete. Check Show addendum for time.

Six weeks or more coat growth is recommended; however, as some dogs grow coat more quickly than others,
adequate coat growth is defined as enough coat to make a distinct change in the dog’s appearance. Rolled or
rotated coats are permitted in the hand stripped breeds, but must be adequate to make a distinct change in
the dog’s appearance. Finishing sprays are permitted after time is called however, re-shaping with any product
is prohibited.

Acceptable breeds: All purebred Poodles.
Standard: Show trims and pet trims that adhere to Poodle breed profile are permitted. Faces must be shaved
during the competition time period. Moustache and/or goatee beards are acceptable. Scissored faces, such as
teddy bear heads are not permitted. Poodle feet may be shaved prior to contest start time. Poodle trims that
require scissored feet (German Trim) are permitted, but must be scissored during the competition time
period. All clipping, banding, show spray-ups and hair extension application must be completed during the
competition time period.

Small Poodle:
11” and under at withers 1:30
Over 11” up to & including 17” at withers 1:45

Large Poodle:
Over 17” at withers, up to and including 23” 2:00
Over 23” at withers 2:15

Acceptable Breeds: All Purebred Terrier Breeds

Standard: Trimmed to acceptable breed standard and profile. Pet trims are not permitted.
It is permissible however, to use clippers, scissors and thinning shears when the bodywork is
typically hand stripped for the show ring. Hand stripping on wire-coated breeds is encouraged
and adhering to breed profile on all breeds is mandatory.

Breeds Terrier Time A Clip/Scissor Time B Card/Strip

Airedale Terrier 2:00 2:15
American Staffordshire Terrier 1:30
Australian Terrier 1:30 1:45
Bedlington Terrier 2:00
Border Terrier 1:30 1:45
Bull Terrier 1:30
Cairn Terrier 1:30 1:45
Cesky Terrier 1:45
Dandie Dinmont Terrier 1:45 2:00
Giant Schnauzer* 2:00 2:15
Glen of Imaal Terrier 1:45 2:00
Irish Terrier 1:45 2:00
Kerry Blue Terrier 2:00
Lakeland Terrier 1:45 2:00
Manchester Terrier 1:30
Miniature Bull Terrier 1:30
Miniature Schnauzer 1:45 2:00
Norfolk Terrier 1:30 1:45
Norwich Terrier 1:30 1:45
Parson Russell Terrier 1:30 1:45
Rat Terrier 1:30
Russell Terrier 1:30 1:45
Scottish Terrier 1:45 2:00
Sealyham Terrier 1:45 2:00
Skye Terrier 1:30
Smooth Fox Terrier 1:30
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier 2:00
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 1:30
Standard Schnauzer * 1:45 2:00
Welsh Terrier 1:45 2:00
West Highland White Terrier 1:45 2:00
Wire Fox Terrier 1:45 2:00
* For the sake of competition, the Standard and Giant Schnauzer will compete in this class.


Acceptable Breeds: All purebred Sporting Breeds

Standard: Trimmed to acceptable breed standard and profile. Pet trims are not permitted. It is
permissible however, to use clippers, scissors and thinning shears when the bodywork is
typically hand stripped and/or carded for the show ring. Hand stripping/carding is encouraged
as customary and adhering to breed profile mandatory.

Breeds Sporting Time “A” Clip Time “B” Strip/card

American Water Spaniel 1:30 1:45
Boykin Spaniel 1:30 1:45
Brittany 1:30 1:45
Chesapeake Bay Retriever 1:30
Clumber Spaniel 1:45 2:00
Cocker Spaniel 1:45 2:00
Curly-Coated Retriever 1:30
English Cocker Spaniel 1:45 2:00
English Setter 1:45 2:00
English Springer Spaniel 1:45 2:00
Field Spaniel 1:45 2:00
Flat-Coated Retriever 1:45
German Shorthaired Pointer 1:30
German Wirehaired Pointer 2:00 2:15
Golden Retriever 2:00
Gordon Setter 1:45 2:00
Irish Red and White Setter 1:45 2:00
Irish Setter 1:45 2:00
Irish Water Spaniel 2:00
Labrador Retriever 1:30
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever 1:30
Pointer 1:30
Spinone Italiano 1:45 2:00
Sussex Spaniel 1:45 2:00
Vizsla 1:30
Weimaraner 1:30
Welsh Springer Spaniel 1:30 1:45
Wiredhaired Pointing Griffon 2:00 2:15
Wirehaired Vizsla 1:45 2:00
If breed is not listed above please contact contest director for time allotted.

Mixed Salon Styling:

Standard and Acceptable Breeds:
Any dog of mixed parentage, such as the Doodle or Cock-a-Poo. Any purebred dog distinctly NOT styled
to breed profile. Examples: Poodle in a Bedlington trim, Shih Tzu in a panda trim, Cocker in a suburban
trim with scissored legs, Old English Sheepdog in a teddy bear, Asian Fusion Maltese.

17” and Under – 1:45
Over 17” – 2:00

All Other Purebreds:

Acceptable Breeds:
All Purebred dogs not included in the Poodle, Terrier, Sporting or Mixed Salon Classes.

Trimmed to acceptable breed standard and profile. Pet trims are not permitted.
It is permissible however, to use clippers, scissors and thinning shears when the bodywork is
typically hand stripped for the show ring. Hand stripping / carding on wire-coat and sporting saddle
coat breeds is encouraged. Adhering to breed profile on all breeds is mandatory.

All Other Purebreds Time #A Time #B All Other Purebreds Time #A Time #B
Affenpinscher 1:30 1:45 Great Pyrenees 2:00
Afghan Hound 2:00 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog 1:30
Akita 1:30 Greyhound 1:30
Alaskan Malamute 1:30 Harrier 1:30
American English Coonhound 1:30 Havanese 1:30
American Eskimo Dog 1:45 Ibizan Hound (Smooth) 1:30
American Foxhound 1:30 Ibizan Hound (Wire) 1:45 2:00
Anatolian Shepherd Dog 1:30 Icelandic Sheepdog 1:45
Australian Cattle Dog 1:30 Italian Greyhound 1:30
Australian Shepherd 1:30 Irish Wolfhound 2:00 2:15
Azawakh 1:30 Japanese Chin 1:30
Basenji 1:30 Keeshond 1:45
Basset Hound 1:30 Komondor 2:00
Beagle 1:30 Kuvasz 1:45
Bearded Collie 1:45 Lagotto Romagnolo 2:00
Beauceron 1:30 Leonberger 2:00
Belgian Laekenois 2:00 2:15 Lhasa Apso 1:30
Belgian Malinois 1:30 Lowchen 1:30
Belgian Sheepdog 1:45 Maltese 1:30
Belgian Tervuren 1:45 Mastiff 1:30
Bergamasco 2:00 Miniature American Shepherd 1:30
Berger Picard 1:45 2:00 Miniature Pinscher 1:30
Bernese Mountain Dog 1:45 Neapolitan Mastiff 1:30
Bichon Frise 1:45 Newfoundland 2:00
Black Russian Terrier 2:15 Norwegian Buhund 1:30
Black and Tan Coonhound 1:30 Norwegian Elkhound 1:45
Bloodhound 1:30 Norwegian Lundehund 1:30
Bluetick Coonhound 1:30 Old English Sheepdog 2:15
Boerboel 1:30 Offerhound 2:00 2:15
Border Collie 1:30 Papillon 1:30
Borzoi 1:45 Pekingese 1:30
Boston Terrier 1:30 Pembroke Welsh Corgi 1:30
Bouvier des Flandres 2:15 Peruvian Inca Orchid 1:30
Boxer 1:30 Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen 1:45 2:00
Briard 1:30 Pharaoh Hound 1:30
Brussels Griffon 1:30 1:45 Plott Hound 1:30
Bulldog 1:30 Polish Lowland Sheepdog 1:45
Bullmastiff 1:30 Pomeranian 1:30
Canaan Dog 1:30 Portugese Podengo Pequeno (Smooth) 1:30
Cane Corso 1:30 Portugese Podengo Pequeno (Wire) 1:30 1:45
Cardigan Welsh Corgi 1:30 Protugese Water Dog 2:00
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 1:45 Pug 1:30
Chihuahua (Long) 1:30 Puli 2:00
Chihuahua (Smooth) 1:30 Pumi 1:45
Chinese Crested 1:30 Pyrenean Shepherd 1:30
Chinese Shar-Pei 1:30 Redbone Coonhound 1:30
Chinook 1:30 Rhodesian Ridgeback 1:30
Chow Chow (Rough) 1:45 Rottweiler 1:30
Chow Chow (Smooth) 1:30 Saluki 1:30
Cirneco dell’Etna 1:30 Samoyed 1:45
Collie (Rough) 1:45 Schipperke 1:30
Collie (Smooth) 1:30 Scottish Deerhound 2:00 2:15
Coton de Tulear 1:30 Shetland Sheepdog 1:30
Dachshund (Smooth) 1:30 Shiba Inu 1:30
Dachshund (Long) 1:45 Shih Tzu 1:45
Dachshund (Wire) 1:30 1:45 Siberian Husky 1:30
Dalmation 1:30 Silky Terrier 1:30
Doberman Pinscher 1:30 Sloughi 1:30
Dogo Argentino 1:30 Spanish Water Dog 2:00
Dogue de Bordeaux 1:30 St. Bernard 2:00
English Foxhound 1:30 Swedish Valhund 1:30
English Toy Spaniel 1:30 Tibetan Mastiff 2:00
Entlebucher Mountain Dog 1:30 Tibetan Spaniel 1:30
Finnish Lapphund 1:45 Tibetan Terrier 1:30
Finnish Spitz 1:30 Toy Fox Terrier 1:30
French Bulldog 1:30 Treeing Walker Coonhound 1:30
German Pinscher 1:30 Whippet 1:30
German Shepherd Dog 1:30 Xoloitzcuintli 1:30
Great Dane 1:30 Yorkshire Terrier 1:30

Contest Dog Preparation: Prior to competition start, the dog should be clean, dry and free of mats. Nails
should be clipped and/or filed and ears clean. Sanitary and pads may be trimmed. Coloring, other than to
enhance the natural color of the coat is prohibited.

Products and Product Application: Chalk may be applied prior to or during the completion time period to aid
in hand stripping or enhance coat color. It should be used sparingly and should not rub off on the judge’s
hands. It is prohibited to apply after time is called. Hair sprays, finishing sprays and gels may be applied before
or during the competition time period. Once time is called, sprays are limited to minor application. Re-shaping,
such as the marcelled Kerry Blue coat or spray-up of the show Poodle headpiece is prohibited.

Decorative Objects and Wigs: Hair extensions of the same coat color of the dog may be applied during the time period of the competition.
Decorative objects such as bows and scarves are prohibited with the exception of acceptable show ring applications such as those that are
applied to the Maltese, Shih Tzu and Yorkie and must be applied during the competition time period.

Contest Dog Qualifications: The competition dog must be: Current on vaccinations as required by law, age appropriate for competition,
(recommendation is between the ages of 1 and 10 years), appear healthy, free of disease, open wounds, injuries and parasites, must not show obvious
signs of pregnancy or nursing, must not show signs of aggression or viciousness, must be leashed when not crated or not being groomed, must never
be left unattended.

Pre-Judging: Judges will evaluate the dogs at pre-judge, prior to the contest start, to confirm the following:
dog is entered in the correct class, confirm the allotted time, confirm correct division, confirm sufficient coat
growth, preparation, and suitability of dog for contesting. Judge will make notation of specific information
supplied by the contestant such as missing coat, scars, warts, healing injuries, etc.

Contest End: Contestants should clear table of hair, tools and equipment and place a comb on the table and
then stack and present their dog to the judge.

Final Judging: judge will evaluate the following: Balance, symmetry, uniformity and style of the trim. For
purebred dogs, adherence to breed profile and standard. For Mixed Salon Styling, the ability of the groomer to
create the best possible profile for the dog chosen, according to his/her body type, structure and coat. For
scissored dogs, the plush overall appearance without scissor marks, unevenness or unintended protruding
coat. For Hand stripped and/or carded dogs, proper technique to achieve smooth and natural appearance.
Clipper work should be smooth and free of irritation. Edges such as the feet of the Cocker or Poodle should
show tidy bevels. The difficulty with regard to the amount of coat removed, whether a pattern is created or
followed, difficulty of the coat type, texture, quality and quantity, the difficulty with regard to correcting
conformation faults and accentuating profile attributes.

Competitor Protocol: Appropriate grooming attire and shoes should be worn at all times, (low cut shirts or
pants, tight shorts or very short skirts and flip flops are considered inappropriate) Contestants that show
management determines to be inappropriately dressed will not be permitted to compete. Professional
manner, attitude and good sportsmanship must be practiced at all times. These attributes are displayed when
a competitor respects fellow competitors, judges and the contest dogs. Professional conduct is also carried
into the care and responsibility of the contest dogs, hotel, grounds, rooms and property.

Application of Professional Skills: Contestants must maintain a safe styling station at all times, (open scissors
left on the table for the dog to step on is an example of an unsafe styling station,) practice safe handling
techniques at all times, apply technical skills with safety. Nicks, cuts and clipper burns are considered unsafe
technical skill application.

Strictly Prohibited in Contest Ring: Cell phones, radios and headsets, hair dryers, flame devices or smoking,
beverages not in spill proof containers, visual or written instructions, very large tack boxes, kennel crates,
standing on tables or chairs, coaching by anyone at any time during the competition.

Equipment: WPA will provide grooming tables and grooming arms.
Contestants must provide grooming equipment such as but not limited to: scissors, clippers, blades, brushes,
grooming loops, products, etc.

Warnings and Disqualifications: Judges and Show Management will monitor the contestants during the
competition to insure a professional atmosphere is maintained. Warnings may be given to include:
unprofessional image, unprofessional conduct, unsafe skill application, unsafe grooming station, unsafe
handling, etc. A second warning may result in dismissal from the class. A third warning may result in dismissal
from the show.

Grievance: Immediately notify contest coordinator of grievance and then provide written notice. A grievance
form can be found at www.GroomTeamUSA.org or ask ring steward for a copy.

Grievance(s) will not be accepted after the close of the class, with the exception of sportsmanship issues,
which must be submitted prior to the close of the show and while all involved parties are on site.

Entry Fees: will not be refunded in the event that a contestant is late, absent, disqualified, or excused by
the Judge or show management. No entry fees will be refunded if the Show cannot open or be completed by
reason of Force majeure.

Show management will determine clarification of any issues that may arise that are not covered by the rules.