Head to Toe

March 8-11, 2018
Georgia International Convention Center

Congratulations to the 2017 Grooming Contest Winners!

 Best in Show: Michelle Breen

Kenchii Kup

First Place: Amanda Zeller, Amanda’s Tegal Canine
Second Place: June Beckwith, Topnotch Pet Stylz
Third Place: Jackie Boulton, Mucky Pups

Rescue Rodeo

Group Winners
Compassionate Award: Pamela Martin, All Pro Grooming
First Place: Stephanie Ard, Animal Hospital of Towne Lake
Second Place: Ashley Coomes, The Dapper Dog
Third Place: Alysha Kelly, Planet Poodle

Creative Styling

Open Winners
First Place: Cindy Oliver, The Rollin’ Doghouse
Second Place: Misty Gieczys, Designer Paws Salon
Third Place: Marie Johnson, Barks & Bubbles

Mixed Salon

Open Winners
First Place: Amy Triezenberg, Smoochie Pooch
Second Place: Melissa Klass
Third Place: Helen Schaefer, Pet Agree

Small Poodle

Group Winners
First Place: Lindsey Dicken, Fetching Canine
Second Place: Amy Triezenberg, Smoochie Pooch
Third Place: Anne Francis, The Village Groomer

Large Poodle

Group Winners
First Place: Michelle Breen, Best in Show Grooming
Second Place: Lindsey Dicken, Fetching Canine
Third Place: Heather Hudson, Stylapet


Group Winners
First Place: Melissa Klass
Second Place: Amanda Zeller
Third Place: Krystal Purcell

All Other Pure Breds

Group Winners
First Place: Lindsey Dicken, Fetching Canine
Second Place: Mackensie Murphy, Downtown Doghouse
Third Place: Anne Francis, The Village Groomer

Wire Coats

Group Winners
First Place: Heather Roozee, A Groomery
Second Place: June Beckwith, Topknotch Pet Stylz
Third Place: Heather Hudson, Stylapet